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Used Outboard Motors For Sale

Used outboard motors for sale can help boat owners and fishermen save money while enjoying the sport and recreational activities that they love. Online and local places where great models can be found include Boat Trader, Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops just to name a few. Most models will range from 2 to 4 stroke engines varying in horsepower from as low as 1-2 to 75 hp and above. Rope and electric start options are standard as well as choice of long and short shaft. Knowing a little about the environment you’ll be boating in most will help you get the best outboard boat motor for a price you can afford.

used outboard motors for sale

Top brands in outboard motors include Yamaha, Honda, Evinrude, Suzuki and Mercury. Starting your search for the best prices in outboards for boats should include these manufacturers for both new and used models for sale. When reading reviews on these types of boat motors, pay attention to ease of start and overall reliability. This is especially true of pre-owned models. Look for low miles and good maintenance records. Be weary if the motor has been rebuilt. Although it is a good sign, there may be other things about it that may have caused the need for being refurbished in the first place that may not have been fixed in the rebuilding process.

Repair, oil and availability of replacement parts should also be considered. For older motors that are bought for cheap in the used market like on eBay or Craigslist, make sure to know the repair information of the previous owner. This goes for regular oil changing as well. For models by big brands, finding parts shouldn’t be a problem. But, for lesser known names or even those that have gone out of business, this should be considered in the buying process. The less you spend upfront on a motor, the more you may end up paying in the long run for parts and repairs.

Used Outboard Motors For Sale Online

Boating is popular across the country, but more so in states on the coast and those with a large number of natural and manmade lakes, rivers and streams. For states like California, Florida, Virginia, and Texas, coastal cities in this area will have their fair share of boat motors for sale that are powerful enough to propel the vessel in ocean currents. The hp range that is great for lake use or a starter outboard motor will depend on the size of your boat. Cheap prices can be found online for these for used models in good condition. Pre-owned & used outboard motors for sale are prevalent in states where bass fishing is popular like Kentucky, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Arkansas. The pre-owned market in local publications can be an excellent source for deals all season long.

Top Outboard Boat Motor Brands - Yamaha, Honda, Evinrude, Suzuki & Mercury

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Making sure that your boat has a reliable propulsion system is key for getting to the best fishing holes on large lakes. In the ocean, being able to get out to open waters and back safely is worth the investment in good parts. For boaters and fisherman that are looking to get their first boat or looking to upgrade an existing motor, searching for used outboard motors for sale in good condition is a smart way to save money and get more bang for your buck in this economy.
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