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Jon Boats For Sale

Buying new or even used Jon boats for sale cheap is the goal of those looking for deals on fishing boats or outboard motors. These aluminum boats come in popular sizes like 10 foot, 12, and 14' models. Any of these would make for a perfect vessel for your annual fishing trips.

used jon boats for sale

Any fisherman or angler knows about Jon boats. They probably even learned how to fish in one or even own one. These are popular for rent at many lakes and where ever fish can be caught. The sizes that you've seen are probably short models like 10 foot fishing boats. Longer ones like 14 to 16 can also be bought and used.

If you're from Florida, North or South Carolina or even West Virginia, you've seen them for sure. They are quite popular in the South. Brands like Track, G3, Lund and Alumacraft have done their best to redesign the simplicity of the vessel and make them better suited for whatever use needed, namely catching fish.

Jon Boats For Sale With Trailer Kit

There are many fishermen that love these types of boats and modify them. These modifications make the boats faster and customize them for specialized use like for bow fishing and other types of water hunting. There are many in the south that love these boats like those in Florida, NC, SC, and even WV. But, this is not just a regional thing. For those that know about the trusty aluminum boat, these are the workhorse. Finding good Jon boats for sale with a good motor will last years and provide many outings on the lake, river or stream.

12 Jon Boat
12 Jon Boat
   US $550.00
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There are many companies that make these style of boats. You can find them in boat trader publications as well as for sale on ebay and local classified ads. Some are getting out of fishing while others are just starting. This is where finding the right Jon fishing boat can be fun, crucial and exciting. For those that are looking for cheap boats for fishing, Jon boats are the perfect fit. They are affordable and made of great quality. When purchasing used, make sure to check the hull and the quality of the frame. Another important piece is the outboard motor. Getting a powerful motor for any age Jon boat is the key really for speed and faithful usage in any weather conditions.
14 ft Jon Boat w motor trailer and trolling motor
14 ft Jon Boat w motor trailer and trolling motor
   US $510.00
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Whatever size you want, there is a boat for you. From aluminum to all other materials, you'll find that these are quite popular water vessels. Looking in all possible vehicle sales places is the best way to find great new or used fishing Jon boats for sale.
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